As ÇELİK HORTUM, we are proud to share our knowledge and experience with you, our valued customers, throughout its production of over 33 years.

Our company, which has an expert staff that has been producing durable hoses since our establishment, has been producing thermo hoses, air, compressor, welding hoses and fire-fighting hoses. We continue to make a difference by targeting customer satisfaction at every stage, from the variety of products we design and renew every day for you to after-sales service.

As Çelik Hortum, which grows rapidly and gets stronger with investment, our production plants are in 8000 m² closed and 15000 m² open area and with the technological support of our innovation center, we are bringing our production processes perfectly closer. With our belief that we can always produce better, we continue to move forward by producing 28 tons of hose per day.

With the support of our suppliers, employees and you, our valued customers, we are working tirelessly to carry an innovative and uncompromising business understanding in Çelik Hortum. With our quality policies, we offer the most appropriate solutions in accordance with the Turkish Food Quality and Safety legislation.

With our Quality That Exceeds Boundaries, we are proud to serve more than 30 countries all over the world as Çelik Hortum. In the light of quality management principles, we always wanted and did better. This has brought our company to the supplier to the leading companies in Turkey.


As ÇELİK HORTUM, in order to prevent all kinds of negative effects and pollution that may occur in the environment during our production activities, necessary improvements and corrections are made in production by ensuring the continuity of our environmental performance by applying the environmental management system we have determined in accordance with the standards and laws.

By adopting the environmental management system we have determined as a principle to our company, we reduce the negative effects of our activities on the environment by ensuring the efficient use of energy and natural resources, reducing the amount of waste and reusing all wastes that can be recycled.